Sitemap - 2022 - Tang Poetry

Bugs, bugs, and more bugs

Creative doubt breeds historical doubt

Du Fu muses on history (1)

Deer Grove

The mythic estate is full of mythic folk

A pavilion on a higher plane

Lovely name, shame about the chills

Wang Wei's imagined paradise

Liu Zongyuan evokes nirvana

Li Bai goes folk

Goose, where have you been? What have you seen?

Li Shangyin loves willowy trees...

Wei Zhuang observes the impermanence of human affairs

Du Fu mourns the end of the world

Wei Yingwu ruminates on fate

Li Shangyin weaves mythic history

A dirty song

Song of the Radiant Women

A beauty and the beast pairing

Meng Haoran's farewell to all that

Prisoner in a gilded cage

Spring time is the time for love

Du Fu gazes lecherously

Collateral damage

River Snow

Meng Haoran listens to the flowers

Drinking maketh the man

Earth has not any thing to show more fair than Chang'an

The Tactical Octagon (with videos)

Feeling the chill of history

Li Shangyin sarcastically attacks...

Li Bai drinks alone

Li Bai drinks alone

Li Bai drinks alone

Li Bai drinks alone

Yuan Zhen also hates the dirty-dancing foreigners

Those foreigners and their dirty dancing!

Liu Changqing loves the older music

Saying goodbye to the same monk twice

Han Yu Loves Antiquities

Song Zhiwen's discovery of the suburbs

Out of Sight: The Most Perfect Version

Out of Sight: The Personal Tang Style

Out of Sight: Rich Life and Separation

Out of Sight: Springtime Intensifies Loneliness

Out of Sight: A Mournful Concubine

Out of Sight: Li Bai's All-seeing Eye

Out of Sight: A Sharp Shock of Loneliness

Out of Sight: Beauty Ignored

Out of Sight: A Wife Abandoned

Wei Yingwu is really really sorry about his daughter's marriage

Nursery rhyme perfection, adult emotion

Meng Jiao's loving mother

Hymn to a warrior

Du Fu sets his sights high

Li Duan's music and lust

Come and have a go if you think you're hard enough

Zhang Ji journeys into a heart of darkness

Li Bai is as quiet as a mouse (honest!)

Du Fu falls off his horse

A dancer on a dancer

Dong Tinglan Plays Eighteen Songs for a Nomad Flute - Li Qi

Deer Grove (Wang Wei)

A Still Night (Li Bai)

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