Sitemap - 2023 - Tang Poetry

She yearns for her husband

Hey Diddle Diddle

Tom Stoppard agrees with me

Carpe diem

Saltburn: God is a serial killer

Today a student told me I made his life easier

What a teacher does

Hickory Dickory Dock

Yuan Zhen finds a leftover from history

Why is one of these things not like the other

Two little points on economics

Zhang Jiuling is the sweetest fruit

The new AIs are magical and world-changing

Out of body, out of this world

Thoughts of the rich and famous

Now I can tell you that poem

Before I can tell you that poem...

Half beauty in the half-light

In the depths of the night

Li Shangyin enters epic mode...

A little geography lesson

Wang Wei tuts at the Kardashians of the ancient world

Yang Guifei redux

An amazing translator

Bai Juyi finds the sadness of parting

The outing to Great Goose Pagoda

Cen Shen sees a dynamic landscape

Du Fu is just built different

Chu Guangxi follows Gao

A gathering of great writers

In the moonlight, legendary beauties

Wang Wei finds the key to immortality

Egrets of the mind

Willow waves

Wang Wei bids farewell to someone...

Du Fu's anti-war classic

Wei would love to retire, but he can't

Wei Yingwu also fails to meet a hermit

Meng Haoran visits someone in the hills...

The full Chill River cycle

Meng Jiao bans hunting

Chill River - recension

Meng Jiao's long winter is over

Meng Jiao sees politics in the cold river

Meng Jiao sees the cold as a terrifying killer

He Zhizhang tracks down young ladies

Li Bai in his wilderness years

The subtle erotic

Luo Binwang knows why the caged cicada sings

Wang Changling conjures pure romance

Chang Jian reflects on change and death

Chang Jian fails the imperial examinations

The hills are alive...

Reminding the rich and famous

Romantic folksong, Li Bai style

Harmony turned to jarring discord

The classic traveller's note

Wang Wei enchants with a folk song

Li Bai announces his arrival on the poetic scene

Bring In the Wine for the greyhairs

Bring In the Wine! Li He style

Bring in more wine! Wench!

Li Bai calls for wine, never mind the cost

30,000 Miles from Chang'an is really good!

Humour, realism, reverie

Du Fu is a lonely seagull

Poetry as makeup

Wang Wei abandons human civilisation

Li Bai's lied of grievance

Emperor Xuanzong formally grieves Confucius

The loneliness of the long distance official

Sonic poetry

Autumn Evening, by Du Mu

The lake that takes you out of this world

Visitors for whom the flowers bloom

We may be the mythic ones

Nature's beauty is a rich delicacy

The beauty of the evening

Liu compares a queen to charcoal ash

Liu laments the material of the state

Liu Zongyuan expresses rococo rage

Bai and Liu compete for spring weirdness

Bai and Liu compete for spring weirdness

Bai Juyi reckons the worth of animals

Du Fu Does Not Like Conscription (6/6)

Du Fu Does Not Like Conscription (5/n)

My theory of (literary) language

Du Fu Does Not Like Conscription (4/n)

Du Fu Does Not Like Conscription (3/n)

Du Fu Does Not Like Conscription (2/n)

Du Fu Does Not Like Conscription (1/n)

Empress Wu Zetian Commands the Spring to Bloom

Wang Wei Loves the Quiet Life

Wang Wei on the glitterati